White Papers/eBooks

White papers and ebooks attract new customers and create brand loyalty like nothing else. They are also large and often complex projects that need to speak to just the right audience – via the right channels – at the right time in the sales funnel.

Here’s how I can make sure all the elements come together so your publication stands out from the crowd.


  • Determine the proper content and format based on market analysis
  • Work with executives, sales teams, graphic designers, SMEs, and other team members to plan projects from the ground up
  • Thoroughly research the subject and cite the most credible sources
  • Draft informative, compelling, and useful content that will keep customers coming back for more
  • Work with the graphic artist to ensure text and visual elements complement each other
  • Consult with executives, sales teams, and marketing teams to ensure that publications are functional for multiple purposes/channels while maintaining brand integrity

Project Management

  • In addition to consultation and writing, I’m comfortable managing the entire white paper team and can use the project management tools of your choice. Recommended for first-time white paper projects and companies looking to outsource responsibilities.
  • Do you lack in-house graphic designers and other resources? Ask about turnkey solutions.


White Paper Plans

Do you have all the personnel in-house to complete your white paper, but want to further define your project?

Do you desire a more streamlined workflow and successful final product?

Or to get a better feel for your writer or your role in the project?

Talk to me about a white paper plan. The 2-4 page deliverable includes:

  • The primary goal of the document
  • Target audiences and where they are in the sales funnel
  • Call to action
  • White paper type/format/style
  • Target SEO keywords
  • A couple possible titles that can be tweaked on the fly
  • Official list of reviewers
  • A list of background available from client
  • Likely sources for further research
  • Writing tool for preparing the text
  • Design tool for laying out the doc
  • A realistic schedule for completing the project, or a deadline that must be met